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The Musicians:

The P.O.D. Collective is:

Ilios Steryannis drums, yelping
Daniel Friedman saxophone
Nat Roman guitar
Rob Clutton upright bass
Julie Cleveland percussion
Kathleen Kajoika viola
Becca Haberman Hammond BV organ
Hartley Wynberg “re-composer”, producer, engineer
Gadi Foltys assistant engineer

The base of the music was recorded on the evening of November 13 1997. It was a magical evening with a full moon shining. It was a gathering of some very fine and talented musicians eager to explore the realms of unknown musical possibilities. As well it was the first snowfall of the season.

The concepts in the performance of the music were introduced by Dan Friedman. The musicians played a musical “game” in which each concentrated on developing a theme and transforming it over time. In turn, the players took it upon themselves to choose to add to the musical improvisation. The process was very organic in that each element of the music reacted and interacted to form a living whole. It was a musical conversation in which the musicians took turns speaking while always listening. In this way each player spontaneously composed parts in response to the music happening in any given moment.

The music recorded that night became the source material for a “re-composition”. While working closely with the choreographer and the dancers of the Free Flow Dance Company, Hartley Wynberg began the process of transforming the music to suit the dance piece. New elements were introduced into the music according to the interpretation of themes developed in the dance.

The original composition and the recompsition will be available on CD in the spring of 1998. For more information or to contact the P.O.D. Collective, contact Hartley Wynberg at (416)488-6549, or Ilios Steryannis at (416)537-7206.

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