show and tell!

a dance and storytelling initiative
Choreography, performance and script: Jackie Latendresse and Holly Treddenick
Warning, mature content, language and nudity

Photos from Show and Tell
Show and Tell on the Road

Show and Tell is a full length autobiographical work that combines storytelling, mime, dance and music. Drawing upon personal experiences the story explores the paralles and differences in the two creator's lives. It leads the audience through intimate parts of these two very unique people's life experiences up until the day that they meet and join forces facing the future.

The performance consists of a series of scenes leading up to the meeting of the two women and intimates at what is to come in the future. It would be impossible to say what the future holds for us as we do not know until we live it. We have chosen to take what we have learned in the past and apply it to our quest for personal fullfillment in the future. We are using awareness that our own pasts have provided, to educate the viewer who has not experienced this awareness or to remind those who have to use it wisely.

The body of the work is made up of a series of solos and duets telling and portraying some of the most striking events in the authors lives. We that the honesty used to pass on these stories creates an atmosphere of empathy and serves to evoke past memories in the viewer. Show and Tell creates an environment of humor, sweet sadness and sensuality. It promises to entertain.

The importance of this work is that it openly discusses what it was like growing up for these two individuals. Many feminist issues including body image and growing as a woman are discussed. Feelings about loneliness, inhibitions, love and death are related through our personal views and experiences. The resiliance of the human being in the underlying theme. We all strive to find and cherish our inner creative child. We have lived our pasts but we make our futures.

Reviews and Comments

“Honest storytelling and the creative use of flashlights strapped to wrists and ankles turns what could have been a confusing production into one that makes me want to check out other dance shows at the fringe.”
Monday Magazine

“A shining example of how dance can be an effective medium for social comment.”
Winnipeg Sun

“Good anecdotes, lighthearted laughs and a delightful dance sequence illuminated only by lights on the dancers hands and feet.”

“Engaging performers”
Winnipeg Free Press

“Latendresse topless with her back to the audience turns into a graceful swan.”
Star Phoenix

Comments from Pandora's Box on Show and Tell

“The two woman show is presented with enthusiasm, quiet humor and delicate grace that kept me thoroughly entranced.”

“The story told through dance is a compelling and uplifting one that I found very moving. The two dancers clearly love what they do and have produced a work that comes straight from the heart.”

Comments from OFF the Record on Show and Tell

“Dance, theater and humor they have it all!”

“Fantastic! Emotion translated beautifully into motion with a touch of wry humor. You know a show is special when you can, however briefly lose yourself in the action.”

“Choreography that is refreshingly lucid and original, this show is worth checking out for the camaraderie alone!”

“Exciting multi talented performance”

Comments from the Jenny Revue on Show and Tell

“Terrific expressions of emotions we've all felt and remember regardless of gender. Wonderful movement. It made me smile, laugh and appreciate the art of dance once again!”
“ A magical interlude of dance and storytelling that will charm and disarm you.”
“Whether happy or sad, this show gives you a rush of emotions.”
Comments from the CBC Audience reviews on line Winnipeg ” Show and Tell

“ I don't even know what a speculum is but I loved it. Memories relived sometimes funny sometimes sad stories ” through great storytelling and fantastic dance.”
“Beautiful dance, expert choreography! A refreshing, daring and moving piece. Free Flow has broken new ground and created a great thing.”
“This blend of storytelling and dance will remind you of the great times that was your youth. Wonderful movement and use of lights.”

Show and Tell was FreeFlow's third cross Canada tour!

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