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Feb. 10, 2000

Hello everyone!
so the saga continues...

I am currently in Winnipeg. I arrived here four days ago to find that Holly and Sandy had found us a great little 2 bedroom apt!!! That was nice and now I even have a mattress to sleep on and some milk crates for my stuff. We still need to invest in a couple of pots and things for the kitchen. That's one of the problems of living out of a suitcase.

So far it's been cold but not too bad according to the locals but in my opinion it's DAMN CHILLY I won't be caught outside without at leaset 2 layers on plus longjohns and a parka (thanks mom!)

I guess I didn't need all those tank tops I packed. (what was I thinking??)

Anyways the hunt for a job is underway and a few interviews have been had, things look promising but nothing solid yet. So wish me luck or send me money!!!

Holly and I are getting started on our new show next week and adding to what we already have done. We are both looking forward to diving back in but let me tell ya after eating all that fried food in England I'd better get back on a diet and exercise plan that is more healthy. Ahhhh but the beer was good!
Confirmed fringe festivals now include: Ottawa, Toronto, Saskatoon, Victoria and Vancouver. We are still waiting to hear from Winnipeg.

Take care and keep in touch.

March 2, 2000

Hello everyone!
yes it's that time again... another update on the life of Jackie!!!
So here it is.
I am still surviving here in Winnipeg and it has actually been quite warm for this time of year. I didn't even need a hat for a few days and twice I didn't have to wear my parka !!!!! VERY EXCITING

I got a good job working for Harlequin dance supplies and costumes. It is a retail job but hey we all know I have sales skills>>>hee hee hee! I actually like the job so far as it has been a long time since I have worked for someone else other than myself.

Holly andI have started our rehersals and in fact head out shortly for another session. We have found a nice dance space in the basement of a local church but may have a line on a free space at a small art gallery which would be nice and of course wouldn't hurt the budget!

We are still awaiting confirmation from Winnipeg but all other fringes have been confirmed. We have just applied to the DUO dance 2000 studio showing in Ottawa which happens just before the fringe festival there and are hopng to be acceptd. The draw is by lottery so keep your fingers crossed for us! It runs in conjunction with the Canada Dance Festival 2000.

So thats about all that is new with me right now but I do promise to keep you posted.
Oh yes We hold our 2nd Smorgasboard Cabaret in a few days it is a similar multi art form event like Open Stage run at Tweenies in Toronto. We arehoping to draw a crowd of over 100. The media have been most helpful and performers are turning out in droves. Who would have thought??? winnipeg of all places???

Well thats it for now please write me lots of notes to help keep my thoughts warm and fuzzy in this cold place.
Still dancing across the universe.

March 19, 2000

So here I am again still in the "peg"

The weather here has been unseasonably warm and yes a little schitzophrenic!!! cold-hot-cold-hot you know how it goes!

So the latest news for Free Flow coming up...

We did not get selected in the lottery for the dance 2000 event in Ottawa which sort of sucks because we are going to be there at that time teching for our show for the Ottawa fringe. But hey we can't always be lucky now can we???

We are still waiting to hear about Winnipeg as we ar on the list that will be accepted as soon as they find another venue. I guess one of the ones from the past has closed down. So do keep your fingers and toes crossed for us there.

We have gotten our first round of technical forms out to most of the fringes and have sent off some of our press info and our program graphics.

The cabaret show went very well and was well recieved by both the performers and the audience. The next Cabaret is being held on April 2dn I beleive and we have already filled the bill with performers of all disciplines.

Jackie is organizing an event for International Dance Day on April 29th. So far we have booked 6 groups to come in and perform. Dance styles include, modern, ballet, jazz, acrobatic dance, swing and middle eastern dance. We are still accepting performers and a lot of interest has been shown from the community. It is going to be held in a church in the Fort Rouge area of Winnipeg.
It is sure to be a ton of fun and a great sucess.

Dance Manitoba is doing an article on Free Flow for it's next newsletter which is very exciting news. We also may be working for the Manitoba Dance Festival this May.(to be confirmed at a later date)

Holly and I are working very hard on our new show "Show and Tell" and we are proud to say that it is now in an embryonic state! It definitely has shape and form and shows a lot of promise. We will be doing a few tricks with the lights out (and flashlight) for those of you who are looking for a tidbit of a preview!!But we don't want to give away too much now do we???
We did a vocal workshop with our friend Sandy to learn some of the official voice and face warm ups which was a complete ball!!! I never knew how little control I have over my face muscles especially my lips and tounge!!! What a blast! We were laughing for hours after we finished.

Well that's about it for now
Just to let all of you know we are still accepting monetary donations as we have a very large repair bill for the van we are using as our touring mobile to still pay for and not to mention costumes, music, studio rental (yes we both miss our own very very much), posters, programs, flyers and the list goes on and on.....
So here's our address if you find a lucky lottery ticket or win at a game show or something like that...

541 Doucet St.
Suite #2
Winnipeg, MB
R2J 0M6
Keep in touch!
Still Dancing across the Universe!
Jackie and Holly

May 5, 2000

Hello everyone!
I am still in Winnipeg but we are getting ready to make the move once again! We have given our notice and are planning a yard sale to get rid of our furniture and off we go again!

We hosted a very sucessful International Dance Day Performance with 8 guest companies on Sat April 29th in Winnipeg. The performance included, modern, ballroom, flamenco, tap, ballet, jazz and ethnic forms. Over 150 people turned out for the event and left feeling very inspired!
Luckily we had support from A channel who featured us on the Big greakfast, and we rated a small article in the Free Press! Harlequin ( where Jackie works) sponsored the venue rental and the PA system and Dance Manitoba did all of the posters and flyers.

We are also performing at the next Smorgasboard Cabaret this Sunday at the Horseshoe in Winnipeg. We will yet again be testing out some of our new show on unsuspecting audience members.

We are heading out on tour the second week of June and our first stop will be Ottawa. We are just getting out show schedules now so i will post a schdule for everyone very shortly.

We have sent all of our press kits out to 30 theatres in England and made our first round of phone calls this week. We are hoping to secure enough bookings to be able to afford to tour the UK during the winter months this year. If anyone has any contacts that may be helpful for us please feel free to let us know.

Well that's it for now I promise to write more later and to include our upcoming schedule for "Show and Tell"
Keep in touch!
Still dancing across the Universe

June 2, 2000

Hello all!
We are now officially moved out of our apartment in Winnipeg and have scattered with the wind... well not really I am staying with my friends Libid and John and Holly and Sandy are at her parents place. We are heading out to Ottawa for our first fringe on June 11th. We are picking up Holly from work in the wee hours and hitting the road!

Our show is pretty much finished and we held our first showing on Thursday for Holly's friend alicia. It went well with a few bugs and quirks but we are generally felling pretty good about it now.

We are just tying up a few loose ends doing a lot of running around for little things and working our buns off trying to save enough money for the trip. (which is easier said than done)

We would like to thank a few people for helping us out lately.
THANKS go out to
Harlequin Dance supplies
Dance Manitoba
The Horseshoe Cabaret
Shirley's Dance Studio
Alan Page
Jack and Dorothy Latendresse
Daf Greisman-Summers
Discrete Boutique
Kendricks Printing
Thank you all for your continuing support! We really appreciate all you do to hep us on our way!

As for the update on the "TOUR BUS" well the van....
We have managed to raise enough funds to ressurect her from the dead and will find out any day now when we can pick her up and get her ready for the trip.

The final Smorgasbord Cabaret fundraiser went extremely well and a large number of both audience members and performers were there. There were almost twenty performing droups that night. Including my friends Corpusse and Lorenz from Toronto who were on their way through back to TO after touring across Canada. For those of you who don't know they are a punk performance art type music act who ironically played at the first ever Free Flow party at the 50 Noble street studio in Toronto. Who knew there were so many artists hanging out here in Winnipeg???
Thanks to everyone who helped out especially Charlotte and George Treddenick.

Well I hope everyone got the tour schedule that I sent out for the first three fringes. If you didn't please let me know and I will gladly send out another one to you.

We are still accepting donations of course so if you would like to send anything or even a letter or card please write to us at:
Free Flow c/o 29 King St. E. Coburg, ON K9A 1K6
make checks out to Jackie Latendresse please!
We would also like to say thanks to Jenny for designing our poster, Carine for translating our press release into french, Paige for stagemanaging in Ottawa, Kathleen for stagemanaging in Toronto and to Daf for doing our flyers! You women all rock!

Since we will be travelling very soon it may be hard to get in touch with us but feel free to email us or call our wandering cell# at (204)795-6757
Until then ...
Keep dancing across the Universe
Jackie and Holly

June 29, 2000

Hey ya'all!!!
It's us, Jackie & Holly.
Show & Tell
We'er in Ottawa still, though the Fringe is over. We had a great run here.
When we arrived our picture was already in the weekly entertainmentainmentainment5ainment paper! It was a good way to start off, despite the crap weather. We had a crap review, but poo-poo on her, the rest were great and lots of people came out. She trashed everyone. For our "Grand Priemier" of Show & Tell, the theatre was almost full! A bunch of our dancer friends who were here for the Canada Dance Festival were able to come. That was awesome.

Yes, Ottawa Fringe was a success and we had fun. We even made a bit of cash... We will have gas money to get to Toronto after all! Only two small problems: the rain (which has now been replaced by intense heat) and the van broke down again! Oh well. We still love her.

Jackie & Holly are becoming Road-Trip-Queens. We took a short trip over to Montreal to poke around and visit some friends. ahhh, Montreal. We had to leave quick, though, or we would have blown our profits on more than just bagels!

Jackie arrives in Toronto soon to meet her long lost boyfriend, Justin. Holly soon follows with Sandy (her boyfriend, also touring doing the show Binary Opposition).
"Fantastic! Emotion translated beautifully into motion, with a touch of wry humour! You know a show is special when can lose yourself in the action."-
John Winson, O.F.F. The Record

June 29, 2000

Hello everyone!
I am now here in Toronto!!
YAY! It's good to be back. I just forwarded a note about the Ottawa fringe to all of you which also includes the list of dates and times of our performances for the Toronto fringe.

It looks like we may be having a party fundraiser for our van while we are here. We are setting up the details now and will let you all know when we get it together.

I am currently staying at Kathleens place (for those of you who know her) She danced with Free Flow and I used to live next door to her on Noble.
I am looking for a place to stay during the second half of the fringe here for both myself and Justin. We are welcome to stay here but Kathleen has just bought out her business from her old partner and space is very crowded in here right now, so if you have a spot for me and Justin PLEASE feel free to drop me a note and let me know.
I hope to see ya all while I am here so drop me a note and let me know what you are up to.

I am heading out to the Velvet Undergound tonite if ya care to join me. I will be kicking around this weekend of course and the fringe starts for us soon.
Show and Tell our new production is an autobiographical show with 50% dance and 50% acting which is something new for us but a ton of fun.

I will keep everyone posted about the party and see you soon!
Luv Jackie XO

July 23, 2000

Ooops I didn't realize the caps lock was on.
Lets try again....
So far Holly and I have toured Show and Tell to the Ottawa and Toronto fringes. We did very well in both cities and are currently getting started here in Winnipeg.

We would like to say a BIG thanks to Paige who stage managed for us in both cities!!! She rocks!
We have a new stage manager her name is Michelle and she is over touring with Screwed and Clued company. She is new at it but is picking up very fast!

Holly and I are feeling fine and have had two shows so far here in the Peg. The opening nite was a little shaky as we were nervous and had alos changed the order of the show and NEVER properly run through it the new way. Needless to say the second show rocked! It was running smoothly after the first nite so that was a relief!

We both had a lot of fun in Toronto and would like to thank all of our friend who came out in droves to see the show. A special thanks to Alan Page who made the Toronto fringe possible for us this year.It was a bit draining trying to see everyone in such a short time so if we missed anyone please understand...
The show is still constantly changing and evolving and getting better by the day. We may have an entirely new show by the end of the summer if it keeps going this way.! Hee hee!

We obviously made it to Winnipeg and YAY! the van held together... well mostly.
The back door won't open at all and the side door is stuck a centimeter or two open and won't close or open. We just strapped ourselves in and hope for the best. We should be able to get them fixed soon tho.

Holly and I have decided to alternate who writes the updates so for the rest of the summer you will be hearing from both of us.

Please send us emails and if you have seen the show and have any feedback please send that as well. Nicole has been updating our site and we just gave her a whack of photos to put up soo keep an eye open for them at We are also posting our show dates and times there as well for the upcoming cities.

For now we send our love to you all and hope everyone is having a great summer so far.
Jackie and Holly
The happy wanderers

August 8, 2000

Hello everybody!
I am just writing a quick note to keep you all updated on the summer tour's progress. Holly and I are happy to be here in Saskatoooooon! We had a bit of rain so far but today is sunny and bright! Our show is doing very well. we have had 3 shows so far and have two left to go. It is nice to be in a smaller festival and we are getting a chance to see a few shows ourselves and drink some beer in the tent occasionally too! we have also had great audiences and a lot of positive feedback from audience and performers alike.

Saskatoon is as quaint and lovely as ever. The fringe here is quite a little street festival. The main area is closed off to traffic every night during the week and all day on the weekends. Street vendors and performers and music fill the air and it's hard not to enjoy yourself constantly. Ahhhh if only we didn't need to sleep.

We are planning a feild trip to the beach for Justin's birthday tomorrow and have a nice leisurely day off today. I know I haven't had a chance to write much lately but there aren't a lot of opportunities to get to a computer while you are on the road. I think I may have to consider getting a lap top at some point. (hint to the lap top faerie)

Holly and I are working on the show and it is still evolving nicely. We plan to rewrite the opening and closing monologues for Victoria. We are going to go to Edmonton for a couple of days on our way out west. We plan on some camping possibly inJasper and a visit out to Holly's brothers farm by Kelowna. I haven't heard from many of you lately and I hope you haven't forgotten about lil old me???

Anyways feel free to write me or Holly anytime.
Enjoy the rest of the summer as fall will come sooner than any of us can imagine.

Sept 13, 2000

Hello everyone!
Once again I am writing a little update on the Free Flow tour. We are now in Vancouver the last stop on our Canadian tour this summer. Victoria was beautiful as ever but unfortunately not a very profitable city for most of the groups on the Fringe circuit. Attendance was low but the closing party was fabulous!

Holly and I managed to do a little sightseeing at China beach and wesaw some huge trees as well as some crabs! We spent hous poking around the beach for treasures.

Before we hit Victoria we managed to spend a few days in Edmonton before the fringe started then we were off to Jasper for 2 days. We spent Holly's birthday camping in the best ever camp spot in Yoho national park. The view was spectacular and although it rained a little it was quite a night. We were reluctant to leave but to be honest we had to get somewhere to shower! Holly's brother Curtis and his family put us up for a night at their organic farm and of course spoiled us rotten with a huge feast and a cake for Holly too! Yummm! Yummmm!

Vancouver is a great city and reminds us of Toronto which I think we are both a little homesick for right now. The fringe is very very big and not too concerned with the performers. There seems to be a lot of politics going on within the management here which doesn't make for a fun festival. We are making the best of it however and went on a feild trip for Gelato at Casa Gelato which has 168 flavours or something crazy like that! I even tried the dill pickle kind! YUCK!
We have made a lot of new friends this summer on the tour and our work has continued to develope and grow.

We only have 3 shows left then the tour is done. All in all the tour has yet again provided us with inspiration and insight in our lives and careers. I am already working on the research for my next production and I am quite excited about it already.

There are many posibilities as to where we will end up. Holly will be going to Winnipeg and the back to Toronto for a clown course. I may have a job in Saskatoon or if not will be going to New York for a month then back to Toronto and then maybe to England again. Who knows where the winds will take us?

I would like to say thank you to all of you, our friends and family who support us and help us make our dreams become reality. We love you all.

Jackie Latendresse

Sept 21, 2000

hello ya'all!

so we'er all done the big summer fringe tour. ahhhhh.... at the end of it all i look back, and it was a success. it was definatley a big under taking. we actually made a bit of money to go along with our sencer of pride! no more Show and Tell! and now what?

vancouver fringe was a crazy, unorganized and selfishly run festival. i won't go back unless they doo some major changes! vancouver the city is always a good time, though. we saw some sights and did a olt of hanging out with our friends from the summer whom we may not see for a loooong time. the closing night party was a blast, the next day was a little rough for me. oooohhhhh.

anyway, it's good to be done and moving on to new frontiers! jackie has gone to saskatoon for a co-ordintation position with Dance Saskatchewan working with prostitues. right up her alley.

I may be in halifax for awhile, only time will tell.I'm off to toronto with sandy, hopfully for october 1st. i'm hoping to find some dancing, acting, teaching or adminstration work. any sugestions? please keep me in mind!

another request: does any one have a room for rent or knpow of any or know of any apartmentsd for rent? i'm looking for october 1st. i'd like to have somewhere to go right away because i'll have some stuff with me. anyway, please keep your ears open and let me know! i may get stuck in winnipeg otherwise!! AHHH!!!!!

keep in touch

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