“3” Fringe Tour 2001

“3” was performed at the following Fringe Festivals:

Ottawa Fringe June 22-30
Toronto Fringe July 6-11
Winnipeg Fringe July 20-28
Saskatoon Fringe August 3-11


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Choreography and Performance by: Jackie Latendresse.

The events depicted in my work “3” are only loosely drawn from the traditional Greek Myth. I have used the characters of Persephone, Demeter and Hecate as symbolic representations of three phases or states of maturity and experience. I perceive them as three aspects of a whole person. The complete being cannot exist until the "three" know, and recognize each other as "one".

“3” was created as a gift to myself in celebration of my 30th birthday, and the passage of three decades of life.

"This myth provides a parallel betweeen the inner evolution of the soul through cyclic development and the outer cycle of the seasons. These mysteries laid down a pattern in the collective soul of Western humanity which later found expression in nature mysticism and can indeed, even today, still act as the inspiration for a certain path of inner development." - Adam McLean

Music: Tan Dun
Edited, arranged and re-recorded by: Scott Kennedy at Sonic Workshop, Toronto.
Text by: Jackie Latendresse, taken from The Triple Goddess by Adam McLean
Costume: Arijana Bacalo
Creative Consultant: Kathleen Oudit
Photography: John Hallam

Reviews and Comments

“This one woman dance piece moves gracefully through a traditional greek myth.” “Latendresse scores a hat trick with her dance, mime and mask work. It all comes together nicely and leaves the viewers with the thought that the artist has accomplished what she has set out to do.”
**** (four stars) Winnipeg Free Press

“ This piece traces a woman’s spiritual journey as she moves through life’s defining moments: Performed and choreographed by Jackie Latendresse, the work is an experiment in paring an idea down to it’s essence, with simplicity of form, content and even staging.”
Ottawa Sun

Comments from CBC Winnipeg discussion room on line - 3

“I have discovered a hidden treasure. A unique combination of different styles of dance blended beautifully to show the human spirit. Exquisite and evocative a ‘sleeper’ well worth seeing.”

“Seeing 3 was a spur of the moment choice and I loved it. I sat there at first and asked myself “what did you just get into”, but then we made eye contact, it was beautiful. See 3 for the talent, the beauty and the red glove!!!”

Comments from OFF the Record - 3

“Word in the tent is that “3” is a must see. I saw people weep last night as they returned to the tent from seeing her show.”

“ I don’t get dance, I don’t pretend to, but it does not matter for this show. It made me feel something I haven’t felt in a long time. It was simply beautiful. Embrace something different. You might be surprised.”

“Excellent, inspiring, one of the best shows I’ve seen at the fringe!”

“It’s great! I love the way the movements are connected and the music went so well with the moves. “

“I would like to thank Jackie Latendresse for supplying me with the most beautiful breathtaking and emotional experience I have had in a long while. Your piece 3 was truly exquisite and came at a very important time in my life. I will never forget it.”

“This was the most exquisite, expressive dance I have ever seen! Five stars!!”

“Sensitive, moving, expressive, compelling emotive. Totally mesmerizing.”

Comments from the Jenny Revue - 3

“An emotionally charged celebration of life within a context of real pain combining mythological text, her own rhyming verse and a soundtrack I’d like to have. Jackie uses masks and a symbolic bowl to stimulate a give and take with the audience rarely experienced by this viewer in modern dance. A definite must!”

“3” was Free Flow's fourth cross Canada tour!

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