Saskatoon Fringe 2004

Free Flow
Tina Bertoncini
Present: Triptych

Triptych unfolds with forceful, provocative and compassionate contemporary dance from Saskatoon choreographers Jackie Latendresse and Tina Bertoncini. Free Flow Dance Theatre confronts mythic cyber-culture and fabricated hyper-sexuality in two pieces that sharpen the lines between lived and virtual reality. “The Harridan Plexus is a ferocious post-nuclear interrogation of the female identity. The Plexus core looked like mutant outer-space Barbies from the naughty back pages of the Intergalactic Sears Catalogue. Latendresses startlingly original choreography is both futuristic and fantastic!” ID Magazine. The Matrix inspired “System Override” is a new piece which is premiering at the festival. Four Cyborg-like entities walk a tentative line between human and machine in this high energy fast paced work.
In Tina Bertoncinis The Belly's Tongue, the body’s temple is unearthed and restored, questioning who we are or could become. The Belly’s Tongue is an honoring, in movement and text, of the place of our beginning, our first home on this earth. It is a celebration of the womb’s moist pulse and stretch, the blood’s release and flow, the hips sway and quake, the dynamic strength of the vulva and the warm undulations and fierce contractions of the belly. It is a resounding yes to this place.

Photos from Triptych

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