Dancing across the universe

The Soul Bench

We are awaiting International Dance Week viewing number 7! The Soul Bench was choreographed by Marie-Paule Jean-Gilles, and performed by her and Dailyn Martinez, with original and traditional music by Magdelys Savigne. Don’t miss it this Thursday the 10th of February at 7pm CST (8pm EST)!

Thank you to our funders Canada Council for the Arts | Conseil des arts du Canada, SaskCulture, and SKArts! Thanks also to Free Flow Dance Centre, and Sightline Design.

Something New
Written by Ryan Bradshaw. Inspired by The Soul Bench, a
collaborative dance piece choreographed and performed by
Marie-Paule Jean-Gilles and Dailyn Martinez, with traditional and
original music by Magdelys Savigne.
The water is vast and divides two lands.
On each shoreline, a single woman stands.
Both are gazing across the vast divide,
but they cannot see the opposite side.
Each has brought a portable radio,
whose speakers are facing the water’s flow.
Traditional music from their own nations
is being played on their favourite stations.
If eyes could see the music and rhythms,
the songs would look like colourful ribbons.
One could see ribbons, from both shores, reaching,
stretching across the water, then meeting.
One nation’s music is not like the other’s,
yet their ribbons share some patterns and colours.
When those two musics meet in the centre,
their melodies somehow fit together.
The ribbons maintain their forward motion,
two musics becoming tightly woven.
That fusion soon bridges the vast expanse.
The two women hear the new song, and dance.

Marie-Paul Jean-Gilles    Haiti – Toronto

Marie-Paul Jean-Gilles is a Canadian-born dancer of French speaking Caribbean descent. Marie-Paule grew up in an artistic environment under the tutelage of internationally celebrated singer and storyteller La Reine Soleil. As a child, Marie-Paule began her artistic journey by studying both dance theatre while living in the beautiful city Of Montréal, Québec. Marie-Paule has extensive experience performing, collaborating and teaching learners of all ages. Her artistic sphere includes Acting (commercial & independent projects), Radio hosting, Brazilian, Latin, Arabic, & French Créole Caribbean dancing. She has performed in numerous festivals and private events in Ontario. Marie-Paule Is truly passionate about dancing and the ability to encourage students to gain an appreciation for Creole culture, which is at the very centre of multiculturalism and diversity.

Dailyn Martinez                Cuba – Toronto

Dailyn Martinez born in Havana, Cuba, graduated from Escuela Nacional de Espectaculos Musicales and Variedades with honours and as Second Best graduated student. In 2000, she was chosen to work as a Professional Dancer at the most important Musical Theatre and Variety “Teatro America” in Havana, Cuba. She also started teaching dance to kids, youth and adults as well as performing and choreographing for the Dance Company.  she had the chance to work with prestigious personalities of Cuban Art and Music such as, National Ballet of Cuba, Company Segundo, Buena Vista Social Club, Omara Portuondo, National Folkloric Dance Company of Cuba and so many more. She was also able to represent her culture internationally in countries such as Spain, England and Germany.

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