Dancing across the universe


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Premiere: Refinery Arts and Spirit Centre

Reflections on a pandemic. We build the safety of our nest but we must remember what our wings are for. A trio of oversized nests sets the stage for a haunting emotional journey. Original music by Cliff Burns. Choreography J Latendresse

25 minutes

Trio from Ecce Homo (1977) Remounted

Choreography: Danny Grossman, Costumes: Mary Kerr, Original Lighting: Peter Anderson, Music: JS Bach “Cantata #78”

Inspired by religious sculptures and paintings. The complete dance of Ecce Homo was commissioned by the 1977 American Dance Festival. The trio from ECCE HOMO mirrors the theme of ecstasy within the cantata. The three dancers move swiftly and stately around the space. You will find many concepts fundamental to modern dance technique. For example, the “contraction”, “high lift”, “prance” and “spiral” are used prominently here as the physical and emotional tools for transcendence. At the end of the ECCE trio, the three performers dance ecstatically off, as if on a chariot.

Illuminated Hearts

A glow/LED show created in partnership with Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan to co-launch the two companies’ seasons. This traveling outdoor site-specific show featured characters drawn from the Tarot deck. Each piece was inspired by something from our upcoming seasons including Romeo and Juliet, Back Alley Antics, Nest and more.

25 minutes


The Explorer II: The Cosmopolitan Cryptid

Premiere: Cosmopolitan Park, Saskatoon.

A participatory outdoor adventure where the audience follows the explorer on a quest to snap a picture of the Lizard-like Cryptid while encountering various relationships along the way. The Explorer takes a look at our methods of belief and gives us something magical to hope for. Created by J Latendresse in collaboration with the cast.

27 minutes

Enchanted Night Forest II: Glow Bugs

Premiere: President Murray Park, Saskatoon. Preview: Ness Creek Festival, Big River, SK.

The Enchanted Night forest is a place where glowing insects flit and swarm and move you through the magic of the night forest environment. Influenced by the nighttime aesthetic at Burning Man this is a moving, experiential event for audiences. LED lighting and props enhance this magical work while we contemplate our relationship with the environment and its many tiny creatures. Created by J Latendresse in consultation with Newton Moraes.

46 minutes

Concrete Dancers

Premiere: Back Alley Antics, Downtown Saskatoon, SK

The quest for meaningful human interaction during the pandemic continues in this duet expressing our innate need for comfort and human touch. Original music by Neil Karkut. Choreography J Latendresse.

5.5 minutes

Mulheres Choreography Newton Moraes

Premiere: Reunite! Refinery Arts and Spirit Centre, Saskatoon, SK

A duet exploring the lives of two women, their aspirations, love, friendship, motherhood, kindness, and generosity expressed through contemporary dance, gestures, voice and sign language.  It speaks volumes for women in the world.

14 minutes

Sisterhood Songs Choreography Terrill Maguire

Premiere: Reunite! Refinery Arts and Spirit Centre, Saskatoon, SK

Sisterhood Songs is an expression of some of the many facets of female bonding. Part ritual, part celebration, part exploration- it is ultimately about mutual support among women.

12 minutes

Earth: Womb of Life (A Pantomime for Our Time)

Premiere: Reunite! Refinery Arts and Spirit Centre, Saskatoon, SK

A visceral commentary on the state of our planet, our relationships to it, and to each other. An ensemble dance theatre work featuring a wide array of human interactions throughout a life cycle.  Created in collaboration between Dance Collection Danse Hall of Fame inductee Danny Grossman and Free Flow Dance Theatre’s artistic director Jackie Latendresse. Video and soundscape by Eddie Kastrau. Music: Ann Southam.

29 minutes


PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)

A reaction to the pandemic and the fear we have developed of touching or encountering
another person up close. This darkly humorous duet is a site-specific work that was created for
Back Alley Antics 2021. Created by J Latendresse

8.5 minutes

Primordial (draft 1)

A solo work created and performed by our artistic director Jackie Latendresse for her 50th
birthday. This work is inspired by Mary Wigman and looks at the development of life as we
slithered out of the primordial goo. Created by J Latendresse.

8 minutes

A Prairie Love Story

A Prairie Love Story combines clown, poetry, dance and music to create a heartwarming eco-
tale. Created by Jackie Latendresse in collaboration with Taylor Zeller and Mitchell Larsen this work was commissioned by Dancing Sky Theatre for their 2021 Fireside Stories event in Meacham SK and features
professional violinist Anna Bekolay.

41 minutes

The Explorer

A participatory outdoor adventure where the audience follows the explorer on a quest to snap
a picture of the Kiwanis Cryptid while encountering various relationships along the way. The
Explorer takes a look at our methods of belief and gives us something magical to hope for. Created by J Latendresse

28 minutes

The Enchanted Night Forest

The Enchanted Night forest is a place where otherworldly beings glow in the dark as they move you
through the magic of the night forest environment. Influenced by the nighttime aesthetic at Burning
Man this is a moving and experiential event for audiences. LED lighting and props like wings, pixel
whip and globes enhance this mysterious work while we contemplate transformation and
transcendence. Created by J Latendresse.

36 minutes



As the pandemic effects us all we begin to feel an oppressive sense of loss. We collectively mourn for all things past and as artists the work that will not come to fruition is replaced by new movements. This solo makes a statement about the state of humanity as we grieve all things pre-pandemic that seem lost forever. Created by J Latendresse.

7 minutes


5 minutes

The world has changed in the blink of an eye and we are in lockdown. The days and nights blur into one endless cycle of checking news and social media, sleeping and wandering aimlessly from room to room. Many people experience real loneliness for the first time. Created by J Latendresse.

Dis-Dances Eos and Selene

31 minutes

This feature work was set in a site specific outdoor winter environment. It is an experiment in creating socially distant choreography during the pandemic. Sister goddesses Selene(the moon) and Eos (dawn) search for each other across the multiverse encountering many others along the way who are also seeking to find meaningful connections with others. This is a parable for pandemic times that offers a symbolic insight into the human connections we crave. Created by J Latendresse.


Non Nobis Solum

17 minutes

This quintet, created to accompany new music composed by Saskatchewan artist Cliff Burns explores the concept of “not for ourselves alone” and our intimate and global connections to others both conscious and subconscious. It is a stark and minimalist work that plays with symmetry and repetition. Created by J Latendresse.

Persephone’s Walk

7.5 minutes

A spring-inspired solo work based on the character Persephone, daughter of the nature goddess Demeter. This light and fresh work showcases the flexibility and stamina of the performer. Created by J Latendresse.

Hecate’s Daughters

7.5 minutes

A classic contemporary style duet directly influenced by Mary Wigman’s 1926 Witch Dance. It is set to a spooky score and features glowing candles and ritualistic movements. This dark work was designed to be seen outdoors and in the round. Created by J Latendresse.

Moments of Tangency

42 minutes

This ensemble work, set to “A Score For Lost Words” by Saskatchewan composer Cassandra Stinn also features a visual display on the big screen by Saskatoon-based photographer Ken Greenhorn. “Moments of Tangency” is a multidisciplinary choreographic exploration of personal development set in a landscape imbued with the four elements, water, earth, air and fire. Created by J Latendresse.


The Bohemians Progress Suite

25 minutes
A contemporary fusion piece accompanied by original music by string quartet Mac Talla, composed by Jeremy Cook. The piece features 2 solo works and a duet. Created by J Latendresse.

Isolated Dimensions

41 minutes
An exploration of space, featuring the music of local artist Cliff Burns. His album Pensees has inspired this choreography which discusses both the vastness and limits of space. We continue to find inspiration in his minimalist musical style and have incorporated a unique modular set. “Isolated Dimensions” captures the essence of both intimate internal spaces, shared physical space and attempts to evoke feelings of infinity. Created by J Latendresse.


The Bohemian’s Progress

7 minutes
A contemporary ballet created in collaboration with composer Jeremy Cook and quartet Mac Talla that discusses the challenges that artists face. Created by J Latendresse.

Post Punk Project

16 minutes
Inspired by music from the post punk era this suite of three dances includes 2 solos and a duet and is accompanied by original new music, inspired by some post punk classics, composed by Saskatoon artist Darren Miller.
Created by J Latendresse in collaboration with Jennifer Bezaire and Kyle Syverson.

The Atlas Figment

25 minutes
Set in a surrealist, stark yet dreamlike atmosphere this feature work evokes feelings of isolation. We carry our burdens and betrayals with us changing and evolving throughout our lives as our environments change. This work explores the many functions and symbols surrounding tubes and conduits. New music by Saskatchewan artist Cliff Burns. Created by J Latendresse.

Rebound 2.0

10 minutes
A remount and extended version of the original work Rebound, a lighthearted trio designed to play with force and gravity within the confines of a large elastic band, from 2015. Created by J Latendresse.


Tea and Other Invitations

7 minutes
This suite of four solos invokes a variety of emotions by the clown like performer. Curiosity, Indecision, Melancholy and Pride. A fun and light hearted work which involves direct interaction with the audience members. The work features live music by Oboe and Bassoon. Created by J Latendresse.


6 minutes
A hauntingly beautiful duet set to the eerie and stunningly emotional music of Max Richter. This work uses repetition and arcs to create an environment of hopeful futility and a quest for the elusive. Created by J Latendresse.

The Secret Cavern – Excerpt 1

22 minutes
Done in the dark with black light, LED and EL wire effects. The secret cavern excerpt 1 takes the viewer away into a magical glowing land deep, deep, deep under the earth. The work features 2 special “rock formation creatures” 5 “Eukarthrodropidae” and 3 live string players. Inspired by the living caves The Kartchner Caverns in Arizona. Created by J Latendresse.



6 minutes
Rebound is a lighthearted trio designed to play with force and gravity within the confines of a large elastic band. Premiere: Back Alley Antics, Riversdale Saskatoon, SK 2015. Created by J Latendresse.

Time Piece

15 minutes
Created for the company’s 20 year anniversary. Time Piece features helium balloons and large adaptable hoop skirts in this fun celebratory work. Created by J Latendresse.

Prairie Solo – a look back

15 minutes
Set to original music by Lia Pas this work is a solo piece which is reflective upon the prairie landscape and it’s connections to the choreographers career and life developments. Set design by Mark Eriksson. Created by J Latendresse.


Movement Interruptus in C(ell) Minor

27 minutes
This interactive work is inspired by cell phone technology and offers participants the option of downloading our custom cell app onto their own phones so they can directly interact with the performance via their phones. The application features calling and texting the performers on stage, live screen dialogue and custom lighting effects for smart phones! A fun way to be a part of the show! Created by J Latendresse.


17.5 minutes
Pods is a very unique trio inspired by stop motion films of plant growth and alien lifeforms. The work features the three performers encased inside of stretchy fabric pods which also each encompass a mini trampoline. The dancers come to life breaking free from their pods in a beautiful and unusual performative work. Created by J Latendresse.


Make Your Mark

13 minutes
Set in a surrealist environment full of shoes and frames this theatrical and stark work has a dreamlike feel. We move through our lives making and leaving our own marks amongst those made by others. Premiered in part at the Mendel Art Gallery Automatiste Revolution Exhibit and at the W.I.P. New Dance Series Gala 2013.Created by J Latendresse.

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Triptych (1976) By Danny Grossman (Remounted)

Music: Darius Milhaud

” A Triptych is a picture of relief carving on three panels, used as an altarpiece. To the expressionistic music of Milhaud, I have chosen to set the stage for three desolate characters.” – Danny Grossman

postcards from the last summer

11 minutes
Commmisioned for the Free Flow Dance company, this hauntingly beautiful work choreographed by Graham McKelvie brings back memories from childhood summers past and stirs an emotional response in the viewer.


28 minutes
Created by Jackie Latendresse and the dance company members, Crave discovers and discusses the physical, mental and emotional states we experience when “craving”. This dark yet uplifting trio premiered at La Troupe Du Jour Theatre in Free Flow’s full show Cryptogram in October 2012. Created by J Latendresse.

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A Tender and Violent Duet

10 minutes
A collaborative work between Free Flow’s Jackie Latendresse and composer Lia Pas this piece plays with the use of breath in relationship to body movement and manipulations. Premiered at Blue Notes at the MacKenzie Art Gallery in Regina produced by New Dance Horizons/MAG Dances.

The Great Mystery

90 minutes
This multidisciplinary participatory “event” based work is Saskatchewan meets the Milky Way meets Burning Man. Done entirely in the dark under black lights The Great Mystery literally transports you to another time and place! Created by J Latendresse in collaboration with visual and performance artist Adrian Stimson, this work includes dance, live musicians, live DJ, kinetic prop manipulation, performance art, storytelling and film. It has been noted as one of the top 3 events of 2012 in Saskatoon due to its party like atmosphere and audience participation.

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18 minutes
Nerve began as an exploration of physiological methods of communication both from within the body and from external stimulus. It has since grown into an entity all of its own. This piece is a non-narrative work discovering the relationships between art, understanding, communication and the body and the never ending flow of information that connect the two. Created by J Latendresse



11 minutes
Scent is a trio inspired by the favorite flowers of our mothers and grandmothers and includes violet, lavender and lily of the valley. A collaborative effort between the artistic director and company members, Scent attempts to deliver and visual and kinesthetic description of the elusive traits of invisible scents. Created by J Latendresse

What comes before. And after.

13 minutes
Choreography by Kyle Syverson – guest choreographer.


A Dark Faerie Tale

19 minutes
Maia, an ancient, decrepit compost like being has lived in the paper forest for so long that no one can recall her ever not being there. Skitta is an unusually shaped creature that is insectlike, badgerlike, apelike and devilishly charming and repulsive all at the same time. Anna is a paper doll cut out of what was once a human child, the kind of child who does bad things but doesn’t really know why. All three create an aura of magic as they take us all away to the land of Once Upon a Time… Created by J Latendresse.
Not recommended for viewers under age 8.

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Missed Me

5 minutes
A piece drawn from the Vaudeville Fusion Project, Missed Me is a darkly humorous look at a kiss gone horribly wrong. Featuring the characters Melody Offkilder and Mr. Stichy. Created by J Latendresse.

The Swirling Universe

11 minutes
Inspired by dancer/artiste La Loie Fuller’s “Skirt Dances” This Vaudeville themed work combines the beauty of long draped fabric with the kitsch of Black Lights. Featuring the character Ms Venus Orion, the work is set to an original composition by Regina electronic music artist Orion Paradis.


5 minutes
Designed as a sister piece to an earlier work by Latendresse titled “Navras”, this short yet kinetic work follows its dynamic dance oriented tradition. Powerful and striking movements are combined with more earthbound moments creating an exciting piece of choreography. You won’t need your whole seat – just the edge of it. Created by J Latendresse.


Witch Hunt

20 minutes
Witch Hunt is a dark, riveting work which delves into the unacknowledged dark parts of everyone’s personalities. Explorations of the eternal silent scream, vicious inner critics and the line between sanity and insanity are combined to create an original and authentic movement vocabulary that creeps up on you and knocks you flat. A highly emotional and kinetic new work. Created by J Latendresse.


Modern Dance 101

40 minutes
Modern Dance 101 is an entertaining and educational romp through the land of contemporary dance. Designed to be fun and to promote dance literacy this new work is presented as a Theatrical faux lecture led by Professor “Ruby/Rudy Von Laban”,with live dance demonstrations by the eccentric TA’s. Working through the three main elements used in dance composition, Space, Time and Force, this dance/play encorporates many aspects found in the current school dance curriculum and presents them in an easy to understand and enjoyable manner. Created by J Latendresse.

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6 minutes
Each segment runs approximately the length of the corresponding numbers 3 min, 2 min, 1 min. This quirky contemporary solo piece features a different focus in each section such as hand motifs or floor patterns. It is set to original music by Ian Ring. Created by J Latendresse.


9 minutes
Choreographed to exist as a separate entity from the music this trio can be performed in silence or with the corresponding composition of the same name by Saskatoon Composer Allan Parson. This work is inspired by the processes used by famous collaborators Merce Cunningham and John Cage. Created by J Latendresse.
See also photos of Vertical/Horizontal


4 ½ minutes
Created as a solo work for a fundraiser involving tables, this dance is performed on and around a coffee table. It was created collaboratively by the artistic director and company members. Created by J Latendresse.

Table a go go

4 minutes
Also created for a table oriented fundraiser, this duet is performed on end tables. It is a comedic piece that is inspired by lampshades, go go girls and competitiveness! Created by J Latendresse.



6 minutes
Inspired by the famous Siamese twins Daisy and Violet Hilton and dances from the Vaudeville period, this acrobatic duet has an exotic Middle Eastern flavour. Created by J Latendresse.
See also photos from Conjoined


6½ minutes
This blindfolded work can stand alone or be used as a follow up for repertoire work “a small piece of sky”. It is inspired by Nightmares and the inability to see. Be afraid of what lurks in the dark. Created by J Latendresse.


9 minutes
Navras – (a Hindu word which when, broken down, means nine emotional states that are exhibited during music, dance, drama, and the visual arts, the experience of which brings about a state of transcendental bliss). It is a blend of high energy athletic dance and controlled slowness which will take the viewer on an emotional rollercoaster ride. Created by J Latendresse.

to dream…

14 minutes
This dance theatre piece is a hauntingly beautiful work that remains on the periphery of your thoughts like the notes of a music box long after it has wound down. The work was developed collaboratively with the company members and looks at the many ways that one person deals with loss, greif and recovery. Created by J Latendresse.


System Override

15 minutes
In a society where technology is becoming increasingly more important how do we define the differences between man and machine? This Matrix inspired dance piece fuses athletic and acrobatic movement and fight choreography together in a unique look at our struggle for individuality. Created by J Latendresse.
See also photos from System Override

Harridan Plexus

16 minutes
A post nuclear representation of the female identity.
A remounted production as part of Triptych (a co-production with Tina Bertoncini) at the Saskatoon Fringe Festival. Created by J Latendresse.
See also photos from Triptych

I Won’t Dance

4 minutes
This short fun duet to the Frank Sinatra song of the same name, is reminiscent of the dance styles of old black and white films. It is a humorous look at the relationship of a very unique couple. It was made possible with the help and inspiration of the original dancers Lori Rebalkin and Frank Engel. Created by J Latendresse
See also photos from I Won’t Dance



16 minutes
home? home is a trio which is mostly performed inside of and by manipulating suitcases. This quirky little dance investigates the security that a suitcase can hold for the traveler. Periscope hands investigate the outside world and tentatively test the waters from the safety of the suitcase shaped lifeboat. Created by J Latendresse.
See also photos from home?


There once was a Ball…

15 minutes
Imagine a Grand Ball… but alas you were not invited! You put on your best bibs and bobs and decide to attend any way you can, even if it means dancing in the Grand Foyer while all the other guests are inside. There is a royal side to the riff raff after all! This unique piece of choreography combines elements of contemporary modern and ballet technique with a medieval flare. It is divided into three sections “Glee”, “Contentment” and “Ecstasy”. Created by J Latendresse.
See also photos from There Once Was a Ball

La Chaise Fatales

10 minutes
There comes a time when a lady just needs a place to sit! This comedic love affair with a chair, set to 1940’s female jazz singers, is inspired by the need for furniture in my life after spending three years living out of a suitcase. Created by J Latendresse.
See also photos from La Chaise Fatales



38 min.
Youth is stolen, Love grieves and Wisdom unites them. A modern analogy of a quest for self-knowledge, inspired by the triple goddess myth of Persephone, Demeter and Hecate, “3” combines mask work, physical theatre and dance. Created by J Latendresse.
See also photos from “3


Show and Tell

53 min.
Dance, music and storytelling, form the basis of this collaborative work. Jackie Latendresse and Holly Treddenick joined forces to create this autobiographical work. Stories from their lives mixed with movement form connections between the two women when the finally meet..
Premiere: Ottawa Fringe Festival, Ottawa Ontario, June 2000.
See also photos from Show and Tell


38 min.
Designed for a women’s performing arts festival, this work was inspired by historical figures and their individual struggles as active females in their times. Created by J Latendresse.
Premiere: Her-icane Caroline Festival, Saskatoon Saskatchewan, March 2000.
See also photos from Puppets


Old Trees

15 min.
Poetry and Dance combined in a series of three solo pieces. Original poetry and choreography by J. Latendresse and original Music By Scott Kennedy.
Premiere: The Launch Pad, Toronto, June 1999.

The Adventures of Izzy Scorpio

38 min.
Dance Theatre based on an original comic book text written by Moses Moore. Sound effects, voiceovers and music arranged by Scott Kennedy. This action packed theatrical work features a cast of strange characters including our heroine Izzy, The Shadow Creature, Chris Cross (the bar tender) Ella and Emma Inverse, and Mr. Stophelis (the sleazy slum lord). The show follows true to the comic book genre, using freeze frames and rapid changes of locations! Created by J Latendresse.
Premiere: The Launch Pad, Toronto, June 1999.
See also photos from Izzy Scorpio


5 min.
Three women?? try to one up each other in a last ditch effort to get the bouquet. Created by J Latendresse.
Premiere: Residance, Toronto, June 1999.


Carving Mother

50 min.
Original Score by Hartley Wynberg. Carving Mother is a full length work which is based on Goddess images and mother/daughter relationships. It is a highly symbolic look at how the creator’s relationship with the creation. Created by J Latendresse.
Premiere: Ottawa Fringe Festival, Ottawa, June 1998.
See also photos from Carving Mother


6 min.
An exploration in movement. A look at the dark and light sides of unearthly spirits. Created by J Latendresse.
Premiere: Series 8:08 Toronto Ontario May 1998


Mythological Requiem

15 min.
Based on Myths and fantasy characters. Created by J Latendresse.
Premiere: Ottawa Fringe Festival, Ottawa, June 1997.


5 min.
A look at the frailty of the mind and tribute to Yvonne Rainer. Created by J Latendresse.
Premiere: Ottawa Fringe Festival, Ottawa, June 1997
See also photo from Laughing

Premiere: Ottawa Fringe Festival, Ottawa, June 1997
See also photo from Laughing


25 min.
Suite of dances based on Zen principles and their relationship to water. Created by J Latendresse.
Premiere: Inside Dance, Debbie Wilson Studios, Toronto, April 1997.


The Harridan Plexus

18 min.
A post nuclear representation of the female identity. Created by J Latendresse.
Premiere: Water Street Theatre, Celebration of Modern Dance, Kitchener, October 1996.
See also photos from The Harridan Plexus

Super Fugue

5 min.
A movement Fugue to Bach’s Little Fugue in G minor. Created by J Latendresse.
Premiere: Manotick Fringe Festival, Manotick, 1996.

Can’t Miss my walk with George

8 min.
Discovery of the fear and stigma surrounding the aging process. Created by J Latendresse.
Premiere: Side Show, Kitchener, April 1996.


8 min.
A narrative work that is dedicated to survivors of breast cancer. Created by J Latendresse.
Premiere: Side Show, Kitchener, April 1996.


28 min.
A series of six dances presenting each of the company members and two group dances. Created by J Latendresse.
Premiere: Side Show, Kitchener, April 1996.


A small piece of sky

7 min.
Dedicated to women unjustly incarcerated in insane asylums. Created by J Latendresse.
Premiere: Quit Staring, Kitchener, December 1995.

The Spree

8 min.
What happens when somebody spikes the punch. Created by J Latendresse.
Premiere: Quit Staring, Kitchener December 1995.

Remnants of a Circus in my Mind

20 min.
A surreal work in a traditional campy style. Created by J Latendresse.
Premiere: Quit Staring, Kitchener, December 1995

Idiosyncrasies of the Extremities

4 min.
The development from young girl to woman and the transition period. Created by J Latendresse.
Premiere: Quit Staring, Kitchener, December 1995.

Same Time

8 min.
An interpretation of a Laurie Anderson Tale. Created by J Latendresse.
Premiere: Split Second, Kitchener, September 1995.


16 min.
A ballet and modern hybrid put together using the chance methods of Merce Cunningham and John Cage. Created by J Latendresse.
Premiere: Half Naked, Kitchener, June 1995.

Half Naked

6 min.
An autobiographical solo with a sleeping bag, done theatrically. Created by J Latendresse.
Premiere: Half Naked, Kitchener, June 1995.

1993 – 1994


6 min.
A highly erotic look into a private fantasy land. Created by J Latendresse.


6 min.
A minimalist work done in the dark with candles, which reflects women and their natural ageing processes. Created by J Latendresse.

Ritual Rocks

5 min.
A modern ritual involving the arrangement of large rocks in patterns. Created by J Latendresse.

The Hunter, The Hunted

A solo work dealing with the issues of being stalked by an unknown person. Created by J Latendresse.