Dancing across the universe

W.I.P. series definitions

as based on the Series 8:08 Definitions 1999.

Practicing Professional Canadian Dance Artist:

The W.I.P. Series uses the definition of a professional Artist outlined in the Canadian Artists’ Code, and used by Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists.

A professional Artist is recognized as one who meets a combination of four of the following criteria, one of which must be d, e, f or g:

a. The fact that an Artist has presented his/her work to the public by means of exhibitions, publications, performances, readings, screenings or similar events appropriate to the nature of his/her work;

b. The fact that an Artists is represented by a dealer, publisher, agent or similar representative appropriate to the nature of his/her work;

c. The fact that an Artist devotes a reasonable proportion of his/her professional time as an Artist to promoting or marketing his/her work, including but not limited to presenting himself/herself for auditions, seeking sponsorships, agents or engagements or similar activities appropriate to his/her work;

d. The fact that an Artist receives, or has received, compensation for his/her work, including but not limited to, sales fees, commissions, salaries, royalties, grants and awards, any of which may reasonably be included as professional or business income;

e. The fact that an Artist has a record of income or loss relative to the exploitation of his/her work and appropriate to the span of his/her artistic career;

f. The fact that an Artist has received professional training, either in an educational institution or from a practitioner or teacher recognized within his/her profession;

g. The fact that an Artist has received public or peer recognition in the form of honours, awards, professional prizes or by publicly disseminated critical appraisals;

h. The fact that an Artist has membership in a professional association that is appropriate to his/her artistic activity, whose membership or categories of membership, is, or are, limited under standards established by the association; or which is a trade union or its equivalent, appropriate to his/her artistic activity.

In addition, the W.I.P. Series requires that:

a. Choreographers must have shown at least one work in the proceeding four years.

b. The majority of performers must have performed in a professional production at least once in the last two years.

c. The Artist is either a Canadian citizen, or has been a resident for at least six months, and intends to remain a resident.

Professional Production:

The W.I.P. Series defines a professional production as one where:

a. The majority of performers/choreographers are professional Artists.

b. The performances are open to the public.

c. The audience pays an admission fee.

d. The performers/choreographers are paid participation fees or honoraria.


The W.I.P. Series considers that being enrolled as a full time student in a professional dance training program constitutes being a “student”, and therefore; students are only eligible to present work in the W.I.P. Series as emerging choreographers.


Exceptions will be made for groups that include non-professional dancers, as long as the majority of the performers are professional. Exceptions will also be made for collaborations between Canadian choreographers and foreign choreographers, as long as at least half of the choreographic team and at least half the cast are Canadian.