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Free Flow Sponsorship

Photo: Ken Greenhorn, Dancers: Rawda Mabrouk, Taylor Zeller, Rachel Saufert

Elevate Your Brand with Free Flow Dance Theatre

Our company presentations and special events showcase top choreographers and dancers from the local, provincial, and Canadian arts community. The success of our annual season, brimming with participatory and performative events, is made possible by the generous spirit of artists and community members like you. However, we need your support to ensure our programs flourish and evolve.

Why Sponsor Free Flow Dance Theatre:

  • Your contribution directly supports artistic fees, technical elements, and facility costs.
  • It fuels promotional efforts, spreading the word about Free Flow Dance Theatre to the wider community.
  • Keeps ticket prices affordable, making programming accessible to many.

Business Sponsorship Opportunity: Free Flow Dance Theatre Company invites you to become a Business Sponsor/Marketing Partner. We will tailor a unique sponsorship package to meet your business needs, offering benefits aligned with your promotional goals.

Sponsorship Benefits Include:

  • Logo placement on our website, e-newsletter, annual general report, social media, show programs, and print media.
  • Specialized perks such as complimentary tickets, speaking engagements, volunteer opportunities, and community visibility.
  • Talk to us about your needs and ideas!

Elevate your company’s profile through a creative platform and publicly show your support for the local arts community!

Get Involved: Contact us to set up a meeting or phone call.

Email: ffdanceassistant@gmail.com or contact our Artistic Director at freeflowdance@gmail.com

Phone: 306-665-5998