Dancing across the universe

Professional Performances

Photo: Ken Greenhorn, Dancers: Aiyana Ruel, Derek Souvannavong, Taylor Zeller, Shannon Pybus, Rachel Saufert, Philip McDermott, Maggie Lucas

Free Flow Dance Theatre: Bringing Contemporary Dance to You

Free Flow Dance Theatre is your gateway to professional contemporary dance experiences. We bring our performances to various community venues throughout the season, showcasing a mix of new creations and repertoire pieces by Canadian choreographers.

Gala Finale: A Professional Showcase

At the peak of each season, we host a gala weekend in a professional theatre, presenting the best of our season of dance. From fresh, innovative works to timeless pieces, our performances promise a captivating experience for all.

Book Us for Your Event: Available Across Canada

Free Flow Dance Theatre is open for bookings and touring engagements in Saskatchewan and beyond. Planning an event? Contact us at freeflowdance@gmail.com to bring the energy and artistry of contemporary dance to your venue.

Get in Touch

For inquiries or bookings, drop us a line at freeflowdance@gmail.com.