Dancing across the universe

W.I.P. Series – is on hold

Photo Ken Greenhorn. Dancers Rachel Saufert, Miriam Edghill, Kyle Syverson, Sarah Rutley, Tina Bertoncini

Have you ever wondered what is going on in a choreographer’s mind? What is their creative process like? Where do they get ideas and inspiration from and how do these things all result in a completed dance piece? The W.I.P is the place to find out! If you love dance or are even just a little bit curious about it then this is the series for you!

The W.I.P. was founded in 2003 by Jackie Latendresse. The WIP Series presents in-studio showings of works in progress and culminates in an annual Gala of finished works. This series is designed to provide a venue for both emerging and professional choreographers who are working in the area of contemporary and experimental choreography and is open to all artists working in this vein in both the province of Saskatchewan and across Canada. Each in-studio performance will present 4-5 different choreographers.


The most important aspect of this new series is YOU! Yes, it is the audience. You will get a chance to meet the choreographers and hear them speak about their work. Each choreographer will ask the audience for certain types of feedback that they feel will be instrumental in helping them further develop their work. The work will then be presented to you and afterwards you will be given a few moments to jot down your observations, comments, criticisms or even doodles are welcome! This audience feedback will be collected at the end of the performance and distributed to the choreographers.

This series is the first of its kind in Saskatchewan and is fast becoming a staple in Saskatchewan’s Dance Diet! So everybody W.I.P. it up! If you would like to help out by volunteering for the series please contact us at 306-665-5998 or by email at ffdanceassistant@gmail.com.

Choreographers are invited to send applications to:

J. Latendresse
224 25th Street West
Saskatoon, SK S7L 0C4

(306) 665-5998

Please see the call for choreographers for application details.