Dancing across the universe

Dancer Feature: Kyle Syverson

Dancing is pretty much my favourite thing. Right behind it are: swimming (in natural water bodies), trees, honey, cheese, and singing. In that order. 

I grew up in Prince Albert, dancing and doing gymnastics, and kidnapping cats. My first Ballet teacher was Judy Rule, and my first gymnastics coach was Susan Matson, both of whom were the best ever. 

I speak Spanish and French, in part because of travelling. Travelling also developed my love for tango. Salsa is great too, and both are useful in Contact Improvisation, which I adore. Wrestling skills can also be useful for Contact Improvisation – I honed mine with my brother, Jay.

I teach Modern Ballet, Contact Improvisation, and improvisation. I have danced with Free Flow on and off for almost 15 years, and also have my own dance company, Ksamb Dance Company, primarily focused on Contact and improvisation.

I also love Michael Ondaatje, fresh figs, and Patrick Watson.