Dancing across the universe

Sponsor Feature: Sightline Designs

We would like to extend our appreciation to our brand new corporate sponsor Sightline Designs for supporting the artistic endeavors of Free Flow Dance Theatre Company in 2021! We are grateful for their commitment to the local artistic community in Saskatoon. Their generous sponsorship gives us the opportunity to continue to provide the city of Saskatoon with unique, professional contemporary dance shows and community-based events this season. 

SightLine Designs is an innovative group of theatre practitioners who value a collaborative design environment in theatre. Not only does our efficient structure improve turnaround times on designs, it also ensures that a coordinated design is produced from the beginning of the work cycle. We are the embodiment of that necessity in Saskatchewan as we seek to make collaborative design the norm. SightLine is proudly based in Saskatchewan with skills and specialties ranging from set and costume design, to lighting, and projection design. We’ve also had the honour to become leaders in digital theatre design and production during the ongoing pandemic.

As a company, SightLine works both internally and externally to support the arts community in Saskatchewan. Each member of our company is a local artist in some aspect and we started our company to better the working environment of our members. By creating a better work environment and structure for our own members, we model this structure when working with other artists and companies in the province. The design aspects in theatre are in themselves a support to the story of theatre and the designers create and support the artistic vision of any given piece. SightLine is a company of passionate storytellers – let us help you tell your story!