Dancing across the universe

Join our Board of Directors!

Do you want to support the growth and development of Free Flow Dance Theatre? We are seeking both people with experience and folks who have the drive to get involved and learn new skills to join our board of directors for a 3-year term.
There are so many reasons to join a board of a non-profit. Here are just a few.

Develop your communications skills
Expand your network and contacts
Learn the art of diplomacy
Gain a chance to make a difference to an org you care about
Learn meeting management skills
Grow your skills in business, marketing and fundraising strategies
For young professionals, joining a non-profit board isn’t just a good career move, it’s a way to explore their passions and engage with the city.

Why not join the Free Flow Dance Theatre Board of directors? Positions available in March 2020! Contact us for details at  ffdanceassistant@gmail.com  No experience required, just a passion for dance and a willingness to do all you can to help ensure the success of a dynamic artistic non-profit. 

Check out this link for a great article on why everyone should join a Not for Profit board! https://blog.joangarry.com/reasons-join-nonprofit-board/