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Charity Adaptation and Innovation

Help charities adapt and innovate to survive these challenging times.

Charities have been hit hard by COVID-19. In Canada, 1 in 5 Canadian charities have already suspended operations or stopped programs, and some have already closed their doors permanently.

In the midst of it all, many charities are experiencing a higher demand for services. Plus, almost every charity is needing to adapt to our new normal while facing economic challenges and continued social distancing which has caused the cancellation of fundraisers and loss of critical funding.

Cause Funds by CanadaHelps are an innovative new way for Canadian donors to support the causes they are passionate about while still ensuring the gift goes to a registered charity. The Funds enable Canadians to quickly and easily identify a cause they care about, and to give to the many charities in the Fund in a single transaction. Donations to the Funds are distributed equally amongst the charities in the Fund. 

Free Flow Dance Theatre is pleased to be one of 300 charities selected to be a part of the COVID-19 Charity Adaptation and Innovation Fund. You can support this fund here: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/covid-19-charity-adaptation-and-innovation-fund/